What we offer

What we offer

At RENERGY Consulting we believe in the best energy solution for our clients. Together we will assess the needs of your company or institution and select the right energy solution with you. We offer energy efficiency services as well as the development of energy projects.

In addition, we provide specific services for the German market. Therefore, please visit the German section of our website for more information (in German language only).

Energy Efficiency Assessments and Energy Audits

RENERGY consultants are certified for special German energy efficiency programs (BAFA) which makes us eligible in the provision of services according to international standards like DIN EN 16247-1 and DIN EN ISO 50001. Furthermore, having worked in international settings especially in developing countries, it makes us able to meet our customers’ demands whether in relation to specifics or sophistications.

We know about the various challenges you might face regarding energy losses, energy efficiency and energy assessments. Even comparatively small companies can save a significant amount of costs by following our recommendations. Send us your request and we will assess whether we are a good fit for your needs.

Project Development, Management and Implementation

Our project development services include not only advice in the selection of technologies, but also support in the development of a project agenda including capacity planning and in regard to funding possibilities.

As part of our project management and implementation services, we also help you to select the right manufacturer through our independent advice and support you in conducting needed studies or obtaining legal certificates. To bring it in one sentence: You will be able to implement your project in the best way possible. Contact us via our contact form for more information.

Different renewable energy technologies are part of our portfolio and could be part of your project.

Solar PV

Due to the tremendous price drop in solar PV during the last years, solar PV has proven increasingly competitive on the energy market. In addition to this, the abundance of sunny weather in the global south gives solar PV an edge on the energy market platform. Advancements in the technology has made it one of the most popular sources of renewable energy worldwide.

Small Scale Hydro Power

Hydro power has many advantages beside it is location bond. A steady stream of water has to be granted during all seasons of the year to serve remote local communities efficiently. Depending on local legal frameworks, it requires additional environmental impact studies.

Bio Energy

Various technologies can be used to generate energy from biomass. The biomass demand cannot only be reduced through the utilization of improved cookstoves but also new energy sources can be exploited by using gasification and fermentation technologies. Organic waste like maize cobs can be turned into clean energy which is especially suitable in an agricultural context or for big institutions such as schools in developing countries. 

Wind Power

The natural power of the wind might be another renewable energy source suitable for your needs. Advancements in the technology have made it a competitive energy source with high potential in many locations worldwide. 

Energy Efficiency in conventional sources of power

Our assessment might come to the conclusion that conventional sources of power provided by your local energy provider might be a better fit than an independent source of energy. However, through detailed assessing of your energy needs we will be able to offer both support and advice on increasing your energy efficiency. Optimizing your energy efficiency will reduce your operational costs significantly.