We value our clients

As energy experts, we believe in efficiency in any professional context. Delivering the perfect service while investing a minimum of your resources is our goal. That’s why we at RENERGY Consulting base our work ethics on the following cornerstones.

We strive to deliver services that are

Individual and Flexible

We are a dynamic consultancy company with a highly educated team of experts and a broad network of cooperating specialists. As such, we have the ability to adapt to the needs of your company and to provide tailor-made solutions.

Objective and Independent

Being a German based consultancy team, we are due to our German certificates legally obliged to be independent. Our services are thus not biased towards any brands or companies. As a result you will get objective assessments and recommendations.

Competent and Fair

Thanks to our modus operandi, we are able to provide full expertise through a competent team while keeping our overhead costs comparatively low.

Transparent and Measurable

RENERGY Consulting is committed to deliver transparent documentation and reliable recommendations. As a result, you will be able to measure actual energy savings.

Economical and Sustainable

Our aim is to provide economical and ecologically friendly solutions. For us, sustainability is not only a box to tick but key concept to our work.